Why I don’t “DIET”


The Reason I Won’t Diet

There are several misconceptions and misrepresentations of health out there. Everyone is an expert and everything you read on the internet regarding health and fitness is good for you and true. Am I right?

Growing up, I was skinny. I could not put on weight, even when my main source of food consumption was buttered noodles – and to be honest it was the processed instant “just add water” type of meals. I was active. I was a flag twirler in my high school color guard and was at practice 4-5 days a week. I weighed 95 lbs (and that is being generous) and was as skinny as a bean sprout.

Fast forward to moving out on my own, working 2 jobs, going to school… I lived on the college kid staples. Frozen pizza and alcohol – and food from the restaurant I worked in. And that was when I had time to eat! However – this is when I started to gain weight. I quickly climbed the scale and was not sure why.

I started working for a popular weight loss company, and while the model was good – help people lose weight – their main focus was selling their supplements and products. They even “guaranteed” their weight loss – but in the fine print it stated that the client must use all supplements and special food. This was not something that I enjoyed. However it did show me a solid micronutrients (fruits and vegetables) based plan to eating. They called it a “weight loss plan”. I kept that knowledge in the back of my mind for years to come.

There was a point in my life (not counting pregnancy) when I had gained and gained and became my heaviest I had ever been. I went to where most people went, the internet, to figure out how to get the weight off and keep it off… but I, like almost all Americans, wanted the fastest route. I learned during this time, first hand, that diets do not work! The very strict calories, and the very limited food choices do not work for sustainable healthy living long-term. Sure you can diet for a certain time period, but for long term results … you will have one result … frustration.

In 2013, I found a plan to work out and eat healthy that helped me get back to the person I wanted to be and on top of that – stronger! It was not about calories – but about eating proper foods for a healthy life style. Getting away from processed and prepackaged food and more to the outer aisles of the grocery store. Learning to cook and make amazing meals and know what was actually going into my food. I have rarely counted calories because I never ate enough to begin with. So I started filling my day with the following:

Breakfast: Protein Shake with frozen spinach and a serving of fruit.

Mid Morning Snack: Serving of lean protein (greet yogurt) and a serving of fruit.

Lunch: Serving of lean protein, 2 servings of fresh vegetables, 1 serving of grain.

Afternoon Snack: Serving of fresh vegetables, fat free string cheese

Dinner: Serving of lean protein, 2 servings of fresh vegetables, 1 serving of grain.

Evening Snack: Serving of frozen berries (sweet treat)

There was not a calorie counted… I focused on getting these foods in – and I cooked with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil), to get my fats in or added some avocado.

This is what worked for me. When calories seemed way too much to handle. It was not about a diet fad or trend. It was about getting nutrient dense foods consumed. Dieting does not work for me – and counting calories can make me obsessive.

Know that you don’t need to believe everything that you read from every “expert” on the internet. Just get back to a place of health and taking back control of what you consume. And if you need me I am here. I am not a nutritionist – just someone who experimented, trusted her body – and figured out what worked for her. And side note – start moving more. It helps you get back to a better place of health.

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