Sneaky Sugar


Sugar can sneak it’s way into your food in many different ways – so be on the lookout! Check your food labels and don’y be fooled if you see any of the following words as you could be sugar’s next victim:

Nectar, Malt, Syrup, Molasses, Crystals, Juices, Caramel, Fructose, Dextran, Diatese, Maltol, Ga-lactose, Honey, Lactose, Maltose, Panela, Panchoa, Sorghum, Sucrose, Treacle, Turbinado… and of course anything that says sugar or sweetener.

I know I used to think that I was getting a great choice by going to my favorite smoothie bar and getting a pineapple turbinado smoothie… little did I know all of the extra sugar that was being pumped through my system.

It is so important to check your food labels and to know what we are putting into our bodies.

Now I know that honey is in the list above and natural honey has a lot of healthy vitamins – but just don’t be like Winnie the Pooh and eat honey all day everyday by the vat fulls.  There is also nothing wrong with having added sugar snacks every now and again – but the important thing is to not bring it into your balanced diet on a daily basis.

If you stick to whole foods such as fresh fruit – your body will get the natural vitamins it needs as well as the sugary sweetness that your taste buds crave.


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