Which Comes First?


Common question of those starting to work out for the first time or the first time in a long time: “Which should I train first, cardio or weights?”

Short to the point answer: Whatever works for you…

Me personally – after a 5-10 min warm up to get my muscles warm and ready to train, I will lift weights before doing cardio. Why you might ask? Honest truth… I hate cardio. I mean the only real reason I would sprint at any time is if I was being chased by a cheetah… and I am pretty sure I would just give up and let the good Lord take me because everyone who knows me, knows my short little ham hock legs have more of a chance being a tasty treat than me getting away from a cheetah. I think you can see I loathe cardio… so my max is 20 min of HIIT AFTER I weight train. I love lifting so I always make sure I have the time to lift, if I run short on time, my cardio workout gets the cut. Also – because I really do not enjoy cardio – if I did it first, I would be drained of energy when it came time to lift. I would be ready to stop sweating and take a shower… so for me… doing what I really enjoy first, makes more sense to me.

I encourage you to do what you love, or at least like 1st. You will put your attention, focus and drive into what you like to do, and then what comes next can be secondary.

You are getting health benefits from both. You are getting your heart rate up and burning calories doing both… Don’t follow a trend just because it is popular. Do YOU! Figure out a pace and a plan, you enjoy doing – and do what works for YOU!

That is the best thing about your journey!  It is 100% about you and no one else. Not your trainer, not your friends, not society… just about you. So make it about you already!!!

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