Breaking Up is Hard to Do…

Breaking Up With

When is it time to take a break (or in some cases break up all together) with your smartwatch… it might be sooner than you think!

Having a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body.

I found myself at a place where working out became an obsession. Not something I looked forward to – but something that would cause me stress, anxiety, and emotional turmoil if I did not “complete my workout rings” or meet my “step goal”. At one point in time I had a smart watch on each wrist tracking my every move to see which would give me the most calories burned (because it had to be accurate right?) And while I still have those feelings from time to time – I decided that I needed to not be obsessed with my smartwatch and my heart rate and my workout min, or my steps.

I needed to get back to a place where I felt good about what I was doing and more importantly WHY I was doing it.

So let’s ask for some honest answers from ourselves:

  1. Do I obsess over my smartwatch goals?
  2. Do I feel I must wear my smartwatch at all times?
  3. Do I become sad, anxious, or lose sleep over not meeting the smartwatch goals?
  4. Do I constantly check my heart rate and calories burned while working out?

If you answered honestly to these questions and the answer was yes… I want you to think about putting your smartwatch away for 1 month. I know it is scary – and I know it is something you might not be comfortable with… but it is time to start freeing your mind a little more.

Instead of going to the gym – go to the park. Instead of running on a treadmill – go for a walk outside. Instead of lifting weights – pick up your kids/fur-kids – and make some memories… sometimes it is necessary to put away the watch – put away the weights… and spend time with your mind in a better place.

Taking a mental break is not a bad thing and you  may be surprised that you come back stronger and more committed to how you feel instead of a number of calories burned or how many steps you have taken…

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