NSV’s for the Win!


This is me. Post baby, still a little fluffy in the middle, taking my time… me.

Here is what I can tell you… and what I tell almost all of the moms who I train (although this applies to EVERYONE – not just mothers). We weigh once at the beginning and then we put the scale away.

Here is MY why – and the answer is 3 tiered.

A) We weigh at first to know our starting point. We must know where we start to see where we want to go, and the best way to get there. As stated before – no two strides of life are the same – so neither will your fitness and health journey.

B) We put it away so that it is not our main focus. Yes, while I agree that losing weight is a good goal to have – I also know first hand how discouraging that number on the scale can be after trying your hardest, being a new mom, and HOLY HORMONES! So the focus is to get moving – let the movement start to become enjoyable – and worry about the scale later.

C) We celebrate how we feel, and how we are changing. These are called NSV’s … or Non Scale Victories. These are more important than the number on the scale. This is your life improving. This is you getting stronger. This is being able to hold a plank for 5 more seconds than you could before. This is making one more healthier meal choice rather than hitting the drive thru. This is being able to fit into something you have not worn since before you found out you were expecting… THIS IS YOUR LIFE!

We celebrate the things we achieve – not a number on a scale. We encourage one another to continue with greatness! We lean on each other to push through the negative body images and promote the things we love about ourselves.

We are strong!

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