Power Of Modification

the power of modification

Have you ever joined a workout group or a class at a gym and quickly felt like you were over your head? Have you become discouraged at not being able to do something that is written or shown to you by a trainer the exact way that they are performing it? Have you let yourself doubt your abilities because you were not as advanced as some of the others around you?

You are not alone. Do you know many people suffer from injuries that could have been prevented if they just listened to their bodies?

Here is what I mean…

For almost every exercise in a workout there is a progression and a regression. Meaning there is an advanced step and a remedial step. Some think that there is a negative association with having to do a modified move – but in all actuality it is helping you become stronger and more aware of your own body.

I will use myself as an example. I had a baby in October of 2016 that involved an emergency c section. My core muscles were cut through and it is taking time to build them back up. Same with my core stability. Many think of just your abs when you hear the word core – but in reality it is your whole balance and stability system. There are several different modifications of exercises that will give you the similar muscle engagement while not compromising your stability.

Take a high knee exercise. If you can’t run in place and do high knees because of your balance and stability – try marching in place and getting your knees as high as you can. The only person you should be in competition with is yourself to become stronger with each workout.

Another example is a plank. Let’s say you can’t seem to hold a plank for 30 seconds… can you hold it for 15 seconds on your toes and 15 seconds on your knees while paying attention to your breathing and activation of your core muscles? There is NO SHAME in knowing your limits and taking time to build up to accomplishing a certain move.


Remember that you are not working out to impress anyone but yourself, and if you are – re-evaluate your thought process now before you hurt yourself doing something more than you can handle at the moment.

Trust the process. You can get there with the right progressions over time… key word… OVER TIME!


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