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The Life Stride Fitness Training and MY OWN PERSONAL Motto for 2018: Consistency OVER Perfection…

As any fellow perfectionist knows it is often really hard to be positive about your outcomes when you are not getting things done 100% all of the time. Meaning perfect… all the time. Which is not realistic – but sometimes that is hard to get through to a perfectionist – and I am only speaking on this because I am a perfectionist.

I have personally been following a fitness professional by the name of Mike Vacanti who has been on the fitness grid for many many years and is a huge inspiration to many! He did a year end post on YouTube that he just published this week (you can check out here) and he touched on some of the reasons why focusing on why consistency is more important than perfection… but I wanted to put my own personal spin on why it is my motto for 2018.

Perfectionism has been a killer for me in several things. Perfectionism kills my mental space with thinking that anything I have to say is important and relevant. Perfectionism kills my emotional state thinking that I am not good enough or have enough or amount to enough to have an impact. Perfectionism kills my productivity because I am honed in on completing a task 100% before I am able to move on to the next thing. Perfectionism kills my physicality because if I can’t get a perfect workout in I feel I shouldn’t “waste” the time.

It’s time I start giving myself a little bit of credit.

By staying CONSISTENT and being there for those who are looking to improve their health and wellness, I am making an impact. By staying CONSISTENT in my focus on learning and creating I am proving to myself that I have knowledge and am relevant. By staying CONSISTENT in continuing to work on myself and my goals little by little I am increasing my productivity and value to myself and my employer. By staying CONSISTENT on my goals of movement and not focusing on only working out if I feel the workout is going to be the best workout each time, I increase my physicality and flexibility because showing up and doing something is better than being stagnant and doing nothing.

So this year I am focusing less on the perfection an more on the CONSISTENT…

Who is with me?

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