Caloric Deficit? WHAT?


I am sure if you have looked at anything fitness, health or diet related you will have seen something from someone stating the best way to shed weight is to be in a caloric deficit.

So what exactly does that mean?

Burn more calories than you consume – simply put… but you know there has to be more to it than that… and in a way there is.

If you are someone who eats in excess of 300 calories a day – it would not be wise to cut down to an 1800 calorie per day diet on your first day… here is why:

If you drastically reduce the amount of calories you are eating on day one the likelihood that you are going to be starving by noon is very probable. You are starving… trying to hold off… but then it gets the best of you and you binge to satisfy the hunger. So you decide to start again tomorrow – only to have the same thing happen again. You then get discouraged and give up… and then the hopelessness you feel just takes you further and further away from your goals. Being restrictive in the types of foods you eat can also cause the same effect. While focusing on the extremes of being perfect – we can often set ourselves up for self-sabotage.

Here is what SHOULD happen… You should start reducing your calories by 200 – 250 a day for the first week. Then a few more hundred calories the next week – and so on until you get down to your calories consumed goal. Gradual decrease in the calories consumed will leave you able to maintain, and help you get to your goals.  The important thing about changing your habits is that you want them to be long lasting and not just until you reach that ultimate goal.

Sure if you are able to cut it down and not binge, and treat everyone horribly because you are so hungry all the time – congratulations you are of the very select few… If you are one of those people (with a pat on the back) I do ask you to be wise about your accomplishment when you get to your goal. Many people who have restrictive diets will gain their weight back (and very quickly) once they have met their goal.

Again – this is a lifestyle. Cutting calories gradually will help you be able to maintain when you are able to reach your goal because it will be second nature to you.

Want more information – need a little more help? Reach out to me and let me know how I can help you start meeting your goals!

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