Distractions Happen…

There are easy days and there are hard days. Most days she sleeps through the night with no problems… but these dang teeth – they are the worst!

Soon this little one will be grown and not need me… but today she does, even though it may not look like it at times.

She woke up and was tired of being tired before I was done with my workout… so I put the “portable AC” on her in the garage and finished my workout… but my focus was mostly on her… but I did complete the workout!

When I finished my workout – my day wasn’t “done”. I have a 8-5 job that I work, plus Life Stride Fitness. I understand the busy working moms out there… I also do understand (somewhat) the stay at home moms and how that is very much a job too…

Sometimes you just have to do what you do to make things work and the day move along. Sometimes you have to maneuver around some distractions and obstacles. Sure my workout could have been better had I been able to focus 100% on it – but there are many times when other things fill our minds and while we would like to focus 100% on the workout and training and nutrition and healthy lifestyle – there will be distractions.

And that is O.K.! Do the best you can and tomorrow is a new day!

<3 Meggs

Feeling stuck, unmotivated or always distracted? Let me know how I can help you make the most out of the distractions and keep moving forward? Let me know how I can help you today!


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