Good Grief


Is grief a good thing?

Yesterday (January 7, 2019) I had to let go of my dog Rosco. It was unexpected, very confusing, and very tragic.

To many people (who are obviously not pet people) pets are just pets… they have expiration dates and they can move on and move along… but for others such as myself – there is such a huge void in my heart… I am blessed to have one more dog in the house – if we didn’t have Freddie – I am not sure I would be able to compose myself today.

You see – Rosco has been there for our family through it ALL! He showed up on our doorstep (thanks to my brother, who had already called and asked me if I wanted the puppy and I said no – and showed up KNOWING that I could not resist those floppy ears and sweet personality) and was immediately family. He was so love and so sweet!

He was there through some really rough patches for us – our two losses, our financial struggles, our successes, our move, our baby girl, finding Freddie, the loss of his sister Lilly – and so much more… Everyday – a loving, floppy velvety eared, would play fetch until his legs fell off his body, scared of the dark – boy. We thought we would be able to see him get a lot more grey and a lot older before we had to let him go.

Grief hurts – but there is a silver lining. When you grieve – it lets you know you had the opportunity to love fiercely. I cried so hard my legs gave out and Paul held me up… He was so strong knowing that part of my world was collapsing… but I knew he was loved – he was snuggled – he was and is cherished.

Loss is loss. Grief is grief. Am I healed – no that will take time. But I am honored I was able to be his human. Grief is good… grief means you loved. Grief comes in many different ways for many different people and each person processes differently. While I am currently going through a stage of grief – JOY comes in the morning… I am able to smile – because he brought me so much love and joy – and while I miss him terribly – and will always… his memory lives on!

Today is a struggle – but I will choose to love – for the greatest gift of all is LOVE.

RIP Rosco Anderson – 2009-2019


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