Best Ways to Begin to Lose Weight

Today I want to give you the best ways to begin to lose weight.

There is an abundance of information on what you should do to get the best weight loss results when you are beginning to focus on your health. Some of that information is spot on – and some of that information is straight from a dumpster fire.

That is why I wanted to give you the best ways to begin to lose weight that I used personally in MY OWN health journey!

Whenever you start something new, there is an excitement that runs through your veins. You decide to start something different, challenging, something maybe you have never tried before. It also can be scary, and overwhelming.

Everyone starts somewhere – even when it comes to weight loss. I am going to guess that you got on your computer and searched for best ways to lose weight , or best weight loss tips because you are tired of feeling stuck and tired of feeling the way you are currently feeling. In the world we live in now with the interwebs and it’s mass amount of information, and not all of it valuable – thank you memes and viral attention seekers – it is often times overwhelming and ever so confusing.



Years ago it seemed as though the only options were infomercial style workout video segments on daytime television (or cable if you were one of the lucky ones who could afford it), a weight loss clinic that almost made it seem like an over eaters anonymous club, or other similar options.

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Funny story I used to work at a popular weight loss clinic when I was just out of college because I had the grand idea that I was going to really help people… then I learned that the people I was helping did not really need all of the supplements and meal replacements that I was being commissioned to sell and I really lost my heat for that job… anyways… it did help some learn much better habits and how to eat more whole foods – but the meal replacement stuff… again… garbage fire.

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But now in just diets alone, there is so much to overload your brain. Do you choose a diet for your blood type, do you try getting your body into ketosis, what about becoming a vegan or trying whole foods only?

I am going to try and break some things down to help you digest them maybe a little better.

First, if this is your first time reading anything from me, my name is Megan but you can call me Meggs. I’m an online health and fitness coach, that started out just like you… from the beginning.


In 2012 I had reached my heaviest weight, and as a 5′ tall woman, 150 pounds looks slightly different then let’s say someone who is 5’7″. I grew up 90 pounds soaking wet and had a tough time gaining weight. Then came my early adult years and the some college that I attended while working two jobs and living on my own – kids if you are reading this – don’t try and grow up too fast… I partied with friends a lot. Then came marriage, then infertility issues, and weight gain and depression. I ended up a little over 150 pounds.

I snapped! I didn’t want a 6 pack of abs, or a thigh gap. I wanted to feel healthy, have energy and to not feel so blue all the time! I wanted to start losing weight.

Not to date myself, but this was before Google was king. I had every magazine with the headline stating that I could get a 30 day beach body that was in publication. So many that my apartment at the time I am sure was considered a fire hazard.

But I learned a lot from the start of my weight loss journey.


Have you had thoughts of losing weight?

Would you like the exact steps that I used to being to lose weight that are easy to understand?

If “YES” – then keep reading, because this is just the article you need because I am going to give you the exact steps I personally used to begin to lose weight and to keep it off (minus pregnancy)…

Best Ways to Begin to Lose Weight:

  1. Know where you are beginning. You have to have an HONEST REALITY CHECK with yourself. This starts by weighing yourself and taking measurements. Without changing any part of your diet (what you eat), log everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) that you put into your body – even the spoonful of ice cream that you take when no one is watching. (My husband keeps a spoon in the freezer and thinks I don’t know it is there…)
  2. Evaluate your beginning calories for weight loss. Calories do matter and that might make you cringe, but knowing what you have been consuming (amount of calories) helps you to know where to begin to lose weight. You need to start eating in a calorie deficit in order to start losing weight. In simpler terms – you have to start eating less than you have been, and it helps if you start eating healthier things while we are discussing it.
  3. Begin to make one healthier choice at a time. Often when we start a weight loss goal and we start with a bang! We change so many things at once that we crash and burn. Make a list of the things that you would like to change and focus on only one thing at a time.

Here was my list for example:

    1. Lose 30 Pounds
      • Eat 1,300 Calories a day
      • Consume 1/2 my plate full of vegetables
      • less processed carbohydrates
    2. Exercise 30 min a day 3-4 times a week
      • 2 days cardio
      • 1-2 days balance and stability
    3. No more soda

4. Begin to lose weight by moving your body. Now hear me out… I am not suggesting you sign up to run your city’s next marathon (but if that is your motivation – go for it!) I actually recommend you begin with balance and stability exercises because this is the basis for all fundamental and functional body movements. If you don’t focus on basic movements first along with balance and stability, you could set yourself up for injury as you advance too quickly. Your stronger muscles could over compensate for your weaker muscles – and can cause some muscle imbalances.

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5. Hire a coach. So much information can be tricky to navigate. It can be overpowering to your brain muscles when you just want to get started. Hiring a coach can help You navigate thru all the masses of information and can help ease your mind. You can ask questions and not have to search countless pages of Google.

These are the EXACT things that helped me get on track with my health and weight loss… Now hear me out – you do not need to do all of these at one time! Take one thing at a time and focus on it. Like you have heard before – you did not get this way overnight, so getting the weight off in a healthy and sustainable way is going to take time. This is not a sprint, but it is also not a marathon – because both of those come with a “Finish Line” somewhere along the way. It is a life long journey… some days will be better than others. There will be days that you want to give- up and throw in the towel… but in doing that you are also asking your body to give up on you.

With the world we are in now, there is a lot of uncertainty – and if you are reading this in the future – this was written during the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020. many of us are having to find new ways to get healthy and active as our gyms are closed, and we are quarantined in our houses. Our whole nation is going through it… You are not along in this struggle and fight… I am here for you!

If you need some assistance on how to get started or where to turn to make the first step in your health journey – reach out to me – and put your information below! I would be happy to connect with you and get something going for you!

XOXO Meggs!



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