Personal Diet Update. It’s Necessary to Take a Break!

Personal Diet Update for you. It’s necessary to take a break. So…

Status Update: I quit my diet?

Take a Break – Food Burn Out

I had enough, and I was over stressed, over worked, over tired – and just DONE! Done with dieting. Bottom Line – I was OVER IT friend!

What if I told you that, although my diet is flexible and I am eating things that I enjoy – I was burnt out on THINKING about what I was going to eat, planning, and working-out?

Would you condemn me as a trainer to not know what I am talking about?

Or accuse me of not walking the walk?

Maybe discredit me, as though I don’t know what I am talking about?

Chances are, you have been where I was at the start of last week.

Monday came and it was business as usual. Went to work, nutrition was on point. Drove home, completed my workout, made dinner for the family. All was well. Then came the next day.

Tuesday I was over it. I slept pretty hard and did not want to get up (which is not normal. My internal clock goes off no later than 6:00 AM even on the weekend). I was not excited about the day, my coffee, getting my kid up for school, going to the office, working, commuting – none of it.

A client on vacation, meant I could take the time that he would be training and using it to relax! Only instead I filled it with other things that took up my time and distract me from the fact that I was hitting a wall. Things like a friends business grand opening coming up and decided I would dive in and help her as much as I could. I took the day off of working out myself. I trained a new client that evening, which was great because I really do LOVE helping people get stronger and realize their potential! If I am also honest with myself, the scale was not moving – and I have been consistent for 7 whole weeks – and was just feeling drained.

Wednesday came, and things got in the way of me working out – my schedule became packed in the evening and I had to miss another day…

Went by my friends business on the way home to discuss her opening for a few min and what she needed from me. Pick the kiddo up. Get produce from CSA at someone’s house (supposed to be picked up by 6 it was now 6:15). Unpack the car, and feed the kiddo (who mind you was an ANGEL this day and could not have been better at listening and minding which was a true gift from God as she is finding her voice and personality…).

Complained that evening to Paul (my husband of 14 years) about my efforts slipping away and going down the drain. He just told me “you know it is ok to miss a few days right? You know you are starting to be obsessive about your goals and your schedule right?” And there it was… the realization that my OCD was creeping back in, in a monstrous way. I needed to take a break.

Thursday – I had come to the resolve that this week needed to be a break. A happy hour was happening with some of my fellow mentor-ship partners. I decided I would drink a couple glasses of whiskey and join in to hear how things were going for them, share a little bit of my world – and take another night off… it was good. It was relaxing and what I needed.

Friday – My friend’s grand opening. Took a half-day off of work and went to help her with the event. So glad I did. I did get to meet new people and help her with several things. Also note I am an introvert and this took a LOT of my energy and I started to feel drained by 7:30 PM. Got home with enough time to put my kiddo to bed, hang out with Paul for a min, before saying:

“Hun, my eyes are closing – I need to go to sleep.”

Saturday came and like clockwork I awoke at 5:45 AM. Made some coffee and cinnamon rolls (which I did eat one). Caught up on work since I left early the day before (that is another thing about me – even on my days off from my 9-5, I still answer emails and work and don’t allow myself to take a break). Ran some errands (picked up some special cookies for Paul for Father’s Day and went to the store to buy food for Sunday as we were having my parents and brother over for lunch. Side note – We have not seen them in person since February… it was a great visit. My dad has grown a full beard and is now SANTA! Worked a client’s program that I needed to write – but I could hardly keep my eyes open. Paul said, “you know you do your best work in the morning.” So I slept.

Sunday at 6:00 AM I was up… and my OCD was rampant. The house was not clean enough!

  • Vacuumed
  • Swept
  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Fluffed Pillows
  • Dusted

Missed going to the doughnut shop with Paul and Kenzie because:

  • It’s Daddy/Daughter tradition
  • Still cleaning

Before I knew it, it was 11 AM and the knock on the door that my family had arrived. It was good to visit, I was making homemade french fries, while everyone visited. Paul was grilling burgers and sausage – and we ate and visited some more. Cleaned the kitchen and handed out apple pie ala mode (as you can see I really just said “PAUSE” on my diet and macros). Eventually – everyone wanted to go home and nap, and Kenzie needed one too! I could have, but knew I needed to write a 4 week plan, and film the videos to go with… then there is editing, and uploading and sending… it all takes TIME! By the end of the day, everything for the client had been taken care of! Got to get my kiddo off to bed, and followed suit shortly after.

Today is a new day. It is MONDAY – and for me, that is the start of a new week. Even as my OCD was triggered in other ways this past week – I am determined to get myself back to working out and focusing on healthy choices when it comes to nutrition.

Moral of this long and unnecessary story is this… it is understandable and OK to take a break from time to time. Heck I am 8 weeks in and my brain and my body was really just over the schedule I was keeping… so it needed a break. In a shocking report – I was down 2 pounds this morning. Now it may not stay that way, but a break can be beneficial is so many ways that are not really common knowledge. This is why I express to you, that if you are feeling just like you don’t want to do it anymore, and you are burnt out – TAKE THE FREAKING BREAK! EAT THE PIE! It will do a lot for you in the long run when you learn how to adapt. It will help you grow!

If you are having a hard time, especially with all that is going on right now, and need someone to help you get started on a healthier path – email me and I will be happy to get connected with you and help you take some small steps now that will really help to snowball into big results over time!

XOXO Trainer Meggs

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