Conquer Confidence! Get Out of the Way of Your Potential!

Do you want to conquer confidence and get out of the way of your own potential?

I thought so! I am going to give you some ways to do just that, so keep reading friend.

Conquering Confidence

Have you just started to think about maybe starting to live healthier? You have, that’s great to hear! Now, what is holding you back? If I can guess correctly, you have probably thought some of the following:

  • You can’t afford the gym. With the way this year has gone, you can barely afford to feed and bathe yourself, let alone join a gym.
  • If you did join a gym, they would hound you to get an expensive trainer. They would bug you about it until you would give up going to avoid them. What is the point?
  • You hired a trainer once, but had such a horrible experience with the “one more rep” mantra being screamed at you, that you have PTSD nightmares of “Drop and give me 20”.
  • If you found a trainer, it would only take one look for him/her to decide you are a lost cause. After all, trainers are all buff and stuff… and you are more, well, stuffed.
  • Your gym is filled with good looking people, so you don’t belong.
  • The fitness classes are too hard and you will look as uncoordinated as a new born fawn who was born on floating ice.
  • You will be judged for using the smallest free weights in the rack. Those must only be there for colorful decoration.
  • All you want to do is cardio, and all the machines are always taken.
  • You can’t follow a diet because (going back to the first point) it costs too much money to eat healthy.
  • If you follow a diet, you would ultimately fall off and cheat causing your trainer to drop you and you to gain all of your weight back.
  • You can’t afford new clothes if you lose the weight.
  • It’s the wrong time in your life to get started.

Excuses are Like Rears

In order to conquer confidence you have to get out of your own way. You have huge potential, even if you don’t see it now. These “reasons” are really excuses and fake rules that you have allowed yourself to believe. Some may have a smidge of reality, but most of them are complete dumpster fire excuses. Trust me I have heard them all…

Shift Your Focus

You Don’t Have the Dough

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

The things you focus on are things you will believe. If you have had a hard year and do not have the money for a gym membership, I understand. That part I will give you. However, if that is your ONLY reason behind not focusing on getting healthy, that is a sorry excuse.

Did you know that you can workout at home, with no weights and only use the body that you have been blessed with (it is not a curse so if you had that thought pop up – just stop it… breathing = blessed)?

Shift your focus to what you CAN do with what you have, and not what you are lacking. Conquer confidence by fixating on what you can accomplish with what you have… a body.

While you are worried about dough – I am going to skip ahead a little… It actually costs less to make your food at home in a nutritious manner than to eat out or live on lean cuisine. Just facts. Conquer confidence at the store by knowing that what you are investing to properly fuel that magnificent body is going to save you in preventable disease doctor care in the future.

Take the Free Advice

You found the money in your budget to join the gym, but don’t want to be hounded to hire an expensive in gym trainer. This part may be uncomfortable… but grow a backbone. Say “no thank you”.

Normally with a gym sign up, they offer free sessions with a personal trainer. You COULD get assessed, and find out where you are starting from a professional. The trainer could show you where your form on things could be improved to help you prevent injuring yourself.

There is also another option. “Thank you, but I have a personal trainer. Her name is Meggs, and she is amazing!” OK… maybe I am tooting my own horn here, but I am taking online coaching clients. You can state that you have an online trainer and will not be needing that service.

Shift your focus to what you can gain from getting a professional evaluation. Conquer your confidence by knowing exactly where you are starting!


OK. You had a personal trainer that was more like a drill sergeant once. It left you feeling like all personal trainers are straight from the military and “one more rep” is like a record that has the needle stuck. (Side note – if you don’t know what an actual record player is… please go ask your grandparents)

You do have the right to fire your personal trainer. However, I will advise that if you have been through more than 3 trainers, and you’re still having a hard time sticking to program… you may need to shift your focus. How much effort are you really putting forth? This takes honesty on your part. A gut check. Shift your focus so that you can get out of the way of your potential.

Irrational Intimidation

Not all trainers are intimidating. If you think I am intimidating, imagine seeing me on a crazy Friday movie night with my family, asleep before the opening credits finish. Not all of us are big and buff and look like we have mixed our protein shake with steroids. (Disclaimer – not all big and strong trainers are on the roids guys, many of them have great genetics and or work their buns of steel off for the physique they have).

I am a softer, working on getting stronger, mom of a 4 year old. Who has not decided if I am done having my own kiddos, and I really enjoy a good gumbo and sweet cornbread dinner. I am also a personal trainer who is well educated. Who doesn’t have a desire to get a PRO card, or compete in an itty bitty teeny bikini. I am for the beginner just starting out, wanting to improve their life! No intimidation here. Shift your focus and you may be surprised at what you can achieve!

Shift Your Focus Off the Mirror

Photo by Andre Mouton on Unsplash

You think that you will be judged by going into the gym filled with beautiful sweat glistening people. First… don’t get to close to those sweat dripping creatures, because they most likely smell less like roses and more like they forgot deodorant.

Truth is simple. No one is going to notice. If they do… YOU ARE NOT THERE FOR THEM! Be there, in that moment… conquer confidence for YOU!

There is only ONE you. Even if you are an identical twin, there is only one YOU!

Entertaining for a second that there is a gym bully there, making you feel less than… DO YOU – FOR YOU! Don’t worry about other people. They have more going on in their “need to impress others” lives that does not deserve an ounce of your good energy. You are there to conquer confidence baby!

Conquer Confidence with Hard Work

This is not going to be easy. You did not get unhappy with your appearance overnight. Meaning “Rome was not built in a day”. Fat did not form on your body over night, and it will take hard work to get it off! You’ve got this… You can do hard things! The class you joined and stood in the back to learn the moves, is about to cheer on your progress and encourage you to keep going! You will be amazed at the camaraderie that you can gain from a simple shift in focus to realize people are in your corner! Will it come easy? Probably not. Will it be worth it? 100%

Maybe classes are not your thing. You find yourself in front of the rack of free weights and feeling like the colored ones in the 3-10 pound range are all you can work with. Do it! Build those muscles! Muscles take time to build and grow. Starting where you are is the key to reward here. If you train with the shift in focus that you are growing a strong body. Nothing can stop you!

Shift Your Focus Off Cardio Only

Shift your focus off cardio
Photo by Andrew “Donovan” Valdivia on Unsplash

You only want to use the treadmills. They are always all taken. Defeated before you even get started. Why did you join the gym if all you wanted to do was get on the treadmill? If you have two legs, this earth is filled with parks and trails that you can walk. You could save some of that money that you were worried you were wasting.

I am not saying that you should cancel your membership, unless you are only supporting the gym for their treadmills. Shift your focus off of the cardio machines for a minute. So help me if you tell me that you don’t want to get bulky so you will not lift weights… (Don’t worry I used to say this all the time, but now I know better.) It will take years of heavy lifting consistently, along with eating a ton of nutritious food to build a body builder figure that you fear. Those colored dumbbells are not gonna get you there. You can learn to appreciate your body and what it can do by getting out of your comfort zone, conquer confidence, stand in front of a mirror and lift heavy things. Even if your heavy is a 5 pound dumbbell. We ALL started somewhere!

Conquer Confidence with Consistency

If you think you can not do something. You wont. Plain and simple. That comes to your diet too. If you have been here a while, you know I do not believe in restrictive diets. I do believe in healthy habits however. That means practicing consistency in your nutrition. Try tracking your calories and what you are eating. Get a grasp on how much your really consume each day.

Cutting out whole food groups (unless medically recommended by a physician or a registered dietitian) is not necessary. I will hold while you read that again. To be honest, you can probably lose a good amount of fat, by cutting your portion sizes down. Shift your focus to nutritious foods for your body. Heal it from the inside out. Don’t make a restricted lifestyle by following something so complex that leaves you eating only a limited list of “approved” foods. Eat smaller portions and move your body more. Start there.

Your trainer is here for you. I am here for you. To cheer you on and lift you up. Will everyday be a cake walk? NO. Will there be days when you just say “NOPE” and the whole day is a frenzy? Probably… it is called life! Eat the cake… or tacos… or have the beer. Just let me know what is happening… and get back on track! I have a secret to tell you… YOU ARE HUMAN!

Timing is Everything!

By saying this is not the right time for you to focus on ways to conquer confidence, shift your focus, and get out of the way of your potential… you are hurting yourself. You are doing a disservice to yourself that will take you even longer to recover from.

Why wait? I have debunked all of your fake rules above. Everyone has excuses. Nothing worth having comes easy. The relationship you have with your mind, body and nutrition should take work. If you neglect it, you will have the repercussions sooner or later.

If you are ready to get started. I am taking online coaching clients.

  • You only have 15 min a day to work out from home? I can work with that!
  • You have a gym membership but don’t use it? I can work with that!
  • You know you need to make a nutrition change but need help starting? I can work with you!

Fill out the information above and I will get back with you (personally) within 72 hours! I can’t wait to see where you go and what you do to conquer confidence!

XOXO Trainer Meggs!

Confidence Creator – Trainer Meggs

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