No Such Thing As Free Health: The Spend Value

Everything has a cost. There is no such thing as free health. The key is to find the spend value.

All we have is our health. And it does have a cost.

What is the cost?

Before you think of monetary lets think of the time it takes to maintain our health.

The time you take for nutrition?

You focus on your health by eating healthy. When you chose to eat at home more than eating out, and make your meals so that you know what you are feeding yourself and your family.

This costs your time. Remember there is no such thing as free health, but what is the spend value?

Finding recipes that you would like to try, making the plan for the week and the shopping list, making sure it meets your budget, going to the grocery store to purchase the food for the meals – all takes your time.

You have not even prepped or cooked the first meal yet.

Then you have the time it takes to prepare for the recipe. No matter what the recipe prep time reads – it is always incorrect I find by at least 20-30 min. Weighing, measuring, preparing and cooking the meal all takes time.

Maybe you take a whole day to plan, prep and create your meals for the week. That is a whole day of your week or weekend spent (key word here) proving that there is no such thing as free health. However, what is the spend value?

You can also buy meal kits such as Blue Apron, Plated, Hello Fresh and others to help you with pre-portioned fresh foods to eat you just have to make sure that the cost is something you can fit into your budget. (I am not sponsored so if you want to use one of those services – Google them)

What about the time you spend moving your body?

You focus on your health by hitting the pavement or hitting the gym. Which takes your time.

A beginner might spend 20-30 minutes focusing on moving their bodies, while someone who spends 5 days a week with a time focus on health may be looking at 45-90 minutes on these health goals.

There is no such thing as free health, but what is the spend value?

Your time is of value and you only have a certain amount of it in a day.

If you do not spend time focusing on your health, and you become ill, then time is spent resting, and recovering. It could make you take time off of work, away from your family or even in the hospital.

The cost is financial (money).

There is no such thing as free health. There is a spend value.

The money you spend on nutrition.

The food that you eat costs money. When you go to the store you have to spend money on food that satisfies your hunger and has the opportunity to increase your health.

You could go to a drive thru and spend $10-$20 on fast food meals for your family. That is in just one sitting…

You could take that same money go to the store buy lean protein, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats.

There is no such thing as free health, but what is the spend value?

The money you spend on your movement/workouts.

If you are working out at a gym – there is a monetary cost associated with a gym membership.

You are someone working out at home? You probably have some equipment that cost you something. Your shoes for running cost you something.

When you chose to ignore your health and moving your body, you could develop some illnesses that require daily medication.

You neglect your health even further and end up in the hospital? The costs rack up quickly!

A report by Consumer Health Ratings stated that in 2019 the average emergency visit cost anywhere from $1,830 to $2,285. That is not including if you are admitted and have to stay in the hospital for any length of time.

There is no such thing as free health, but what is the spend value.

Now is the time! You owe it to yourself to invest in your health.

In the world, it is a time of confusion and a time of uncertainty. There is only so much that you can control.

You don’t know where to start? Hi! I am Coach Meggs, and I am happy to help. You can read more about me here.

Start with the food you eat. Start budgeting for your groceries and time that it takes to make healthy meals. You will save money by taking the time to meal plan and prepare your own meals.

You don’t have the time to prepare and cook meals? Do a time audit on your day (and be honest). Mae all the things you do from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep. Are you spending more time on social media? Are you spending more time playing games on your smart phone?

Then, start on moving your body.

Start by walking. Commit to a time daily to focus on walking – and make the appointment for yourself. Set a reminder, a non negotiable for yourself.

When funds are tight and you cannot afford to have a gym membership, focus on bodyweight movements and items you have around the house. If you have equipment at home, dig it out and put it to good use!

There is no such thing as free health, but what is the spend value.

If you are reading this and are ready to make some changes, book a call with me and tell me about your goals. I would love to help you reach them – even in the economic uncertainty of today’s world.

If you want to see a series on dusting off your lightweight dumbbells and ways to put them to use – click here!

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