But Why…

I am not at this stage in parenthood yet, but my day is coming I assure you… “But why??” This small question from a toddler has peaked my interest in the reason for people making a certain decision… A few posts back I spoke about what got me back into my journey of health and […]

Moms… Let’s Talk

Moms… I am talking to you, myself included…   It’s been talked about over and over again that we generally tend to put ourselves on the back burner to make sure that everyone and everything are taken care of. Whether you are a stay at home ambassador who takes care of the kids, house, laundry […]

Dad’s Advice

If there was one thing in life that I heard from my dad that stuck with me… it’s this: “If it’s not fun… it’s not worth doing…” Now sure there were times when I took that a tiny bit too far: “School is not fun – must not be worth doing” “Chores are not fun […]