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COVID-19 and Your Gym

It is more than likely that this pandemic is not going away anytime in the near future.

Most likely your gym will soon shut down for a time being as an act of precaution, and this might make you go crazy inside because YOU ARE NOT SICK!

I get it – but there are people out there who are sick and who’s immune systems are compromised and who could have a dire situation on their hands if they do become sick with the Corona Virus.


People being treated for cancer have no immune system…

People with COPD or auto immune disorders have compromised immune systems, and just because you may not be showing the signs or you think you can work through your fever – these people can get much more sick than your chills and fever…

So how do you not lose all of your progress that you have worked so hard for in the gym?

Workout at home!

Sure, it takes discipline to work out at home – but you can… you just have to make yourself do it. Body weight exercises can still be done to help you maintain your muscle growth.

You can do some HIIT cardio sessions at home if you are a Cardio Queen and can’t stand not being able to go for a run…

Have kids? Play with them… Lay on the floor and use them to bench press. (Or – “Ketlebell” swings with your baby strapped in her car seat)

Don’t have kids but have a dog? Pick up your dog and do some squats!

Living it up bachelor style and are completely solo? Use your dining room chairs – sure it may be awkward lifting all of your furniture – but it is something!

And let’s say by some chance you get COVID-19 (Corona Virus) and you feel like crud and need to take some time off and REST because your body says so… trust me when I tell you it is NOT THE END OF THE WORLD! The rest and recovery IS what your body needs to get stronger and beat the virus.

Getting a session in at the gym is NOT going to cure you.

Running on the treadmill is NOT going to cure you.

Being able to bench press or dead lift your PR is NOT going to cure you…

SO, if the gym is closed – don’t go and curse out the gym owners for trying to keep everyone safe… respect their decision as this is probably hurting them more than it is hurting you – and return when the “all clear” is given…

It is not a personal attack on you and your gains.

If you need some at home body weight workouts, I am taking online training clients and would be happy to get you set up with home workouts so you don’t lose your mind (or your gains).


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How to Renew Your System After A Round of Antibiotics

Antibiotics might be unavoidable at times, especially if you have a severe
infection that won’t be treated with natural remedies. Prescribed antibiotics
are usually very broad-spectrum, aimed at killing all the bacteria in your
system to make sure that the infection subsides once and for all.
Unfortunately, this means that antibiotics will wipe out the good and bad
bacteria. The immense impact that our gut microbiota (the population of
good bacteria) has on every single system in our body is being more
revealed in recent years.

We need a large and diverse microbiome to make sure everything from our
digestion, immune system, reproductive health, and even our mental health
is functioning at its best. When we take antibiotics that wipe out the good
bacteria, the space they occupied in our gastrointestinal tract is now
available for the bad bacteria to settle in and possibly invade, which will
lead to further infection in the future, digestive issues, and chronic

So, what can you do about this?
There are few things you can do before and after taking your antibiotics to
minimize the damage done to your gut bacteria ecosystem. The delicate
balance might still be disrupted while you’re taking the antibiotics, so the
most repair can be done once your round of antibiotics is finished. During
your course of antibiotics, make sure to have plenty of nutrient-dense
meals that are low in simple sugars and rich in fiber. Simple sugars can
increase inflammation and worsen your symptoms, whereas low-glycemic
foods will not.

Instead of containing simple sugar molecules, complex carbohydrates
contain fiber, which our bodies are unable to breakdown. Instead, fiber is
the food source for our beneficial gut bacteria. Sweet potatoes, oatmeal
and other whole grains, dark leafy vegetables, beans, and seeds contain
lots of fiber. Avoid junk food and treats with added sugars.
After taking your antibiotics, have some probiotics. This can be in the form
of probiotic supplements or foods and drinks that contain bacterial cultures,
such as kefir, yogurt, kimchi, tempeh, and kombucha drinks. Probiotics are
strains of good bacteria that are made for us to consume. High-quality
probiotic supplements might be pricey, but they are well worth it, especially
if you are trying to restore the balance in your microbiome after antibiotics.
Please, don’t take your probiotics right before you take antibiotics. This will
be counterproductive because the antibiotics will wipe out all the newlyintroduced
good bacteria directly after you’ve consumed them.

Once you’re finished with your round of antibiotics, increase your
consumption of both probiotics and prebiotics to most effectively restore the
balance in your gut microbiome. You can also up your intake of certain guthealing
nutrients, such as vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids. Vitamin A has
a protective effect on the intestinal lining and can help repair any damage
done to the intestinal barrier during your course of antibiotics. Omega-3
fatty acids have been shown to increase the population size and diversity of
gut bacteria.

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Sick and Tired



Are you TIRED of being SICK AND TIRED?

I am!

Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in the Summer/Fall of 2017. Since that natural disaster, the allergen count in Houston has been on the rise… as it was predicted.

I have suffered quite a bit, and I used to only really get it twice a year… Now I feel like I am battling it all year long! I consulted my cousin (well known ENT Dr. Brad LeBert of ENT & Allergy Clinic) a few weeks ago and he told me that what I described to him sounded like it was a sinus infection. He also told me that I needed to pick up some Flonase and to start using it daily… basically he told me that I am a grown up and to start taking care of myself – yes sir!

But ya’ll… I am so TRIED of being SICK AND TIRED!

I run myself ragged. There are a lot o responsibilities we have as adults – and here is the thing – THAT’S NOT GOING TO CHANGE! So here is the thing… we MUST start taking care of ourselves. Just like my cousin told me to do – basically – START TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF DAILY and not when it becomes a problem…

If you are an avid gym go-er when you are not feeling your best – here are some things I want you to consider:

Fever – Don’t go to the gym and risk infecting other people… don’t be selfish that way – you are not helping ANYONE!

Achy – Did you check for a fever? I often find that even though I may not have a fever, if my temperature is much lower than normal – I find myself feeling achy and under the weather…

Dehydrated – When was the last time you checked your hydration levels? I know it is disgusting – but is your urine thick? (EWW I know – but it is important to check – especially when you are sick) Is it really light yellow? Has it been several hours since you last went? Do you even know the last time you went? Hydration is KEY to helping you flush out what is in your system and to keep you well. Check yourself. If you are not well hydrated – do not risk injuring yourself by going to the gym and passing out…

Coughing – Are you coughing up phlegm? Are you constantly hacking lugies? Do yourself a favor – and everyone around you… STAY AWAY FROM SHARED SPACES.

There are some instances where if you are a tad bit under the weather or feeling not like yourself that going for a good sweat session can help boost your mood and help you feel better – but the times listed above – PLEASE DO NOT!

You’re Welcome!


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Do I Workout When I’m Sick?

Working Out

Should I work out when I am sick?

That answer is: it depends…

If you are running a fever – I would say no… If you are on heavy medication – I would say no… If you are feeling like your head is under water – I would say no.

Running a fever? You probably do not have the energy to get off the couch or the bed so working out should not be a priority. ALSO – don’t you DARE go to your public GYM and get all of those other people who are working on becoming stronger sick with your sickness!  If you are running a fever you are most likely contagious… so just don’t… if you MUST work out – do us all a  favor and do a body workout at home!

Heavily medicated? You probably are loopy and not thinking clearly… which can be a problem when lifting or using equipment… remember if you are working out at a gym that you sign a liability waiver to use the gym lol… they are not responsible for you slinging weights around and hitting yourself in the head with a kettle-bell because you are all over the place…

Feel like you are under water? Sinus pressure is a demon! It also can make you feel off balance. You must have a strong base before lifting. If you do not have a strong sense of balance – lifting weights should be off limits for you…

If you think you have to work out when you are not feeling well, you don’t. Our bodies have a funny way of shutting down when we need rest. So rest when you need rest and come back to being strong when the illness has passed.

When it has passed – ease back into your workouts slowly… do not injure yourself by thinking you need to “make up” for lost time…