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My Mom Stomach – Kangaroo Pouch – aka Sagging Skin after Kids

My daughter is currently three years old and in October she will be four.



My body is STILL not what it was before I had her – and that is OK!

However, it is something that I want to focus on for no one but myself, and this is exactly how I am going to do it:

Nutrition and Exercise

Now before I get a million e-mails from fellow moms who are also network marketers with the latest product that will help “tighten and firm” my mid-section or “detox” my insides in a week to get me the aesthetic results I am after – hear me out… DON’T.


There is a very specific reason I am going through this journey the way that I am…

That reason is this:

I want every mom to know that

  1. A) It takes time to get your body back in shape.
  2. B) It is unreasonable to put pressure on yourself to get back your body in a certain time frame. (Thank you social media for your constant pressure on moms to get their bodies back)
  3. C) That nutrition is the number one key ingredient in the fat loss/weight loss equation.
  4. D) That you do not have to spend hours in the gym to reach the desired effect.


A little back story before I dive in to my steps…

It took my husband and I 10 years to conceive and carry to term a viable pregnancy. I suffered 2 losses during that ten years and had thought that it was just not going to happen. God had other plans and shocked us when I did become pregnant – and it stuck… so I ENJOYED my pregnancy.

The day I found out I was pregnant I weighted about 122 pounds. I am 5’ tall (not to be confused with my IG post that stated I was 5’5” – wishful thinking), and I was pretty muscular. We realized I was pregnant because I was in the gym (this was also before I had my own personal gym) 5 days a week for one hour and I was doing primarily heavy lifting… but my weight was not moving. My nutrition, up to that moment was on point… so I had assumed I had hit another plateau. My energy was tanking however… I was tired and hungry all the time – and my husband called it. He knew I was pregnant before I did… and when I told him – his words were “I KNEW IT!” (funny note is that we had just paid in full for a week vacation in Cancun with our friends, which is the same thing that happened when we booked a trip to Jamaica about 5 years earlier).

Once we knew that the pregnancy was going to stick this time – I started to ENJOY my pregnancy. Paul would go and get me cheese burgers from Sonic, and everyday on my way home from work I would stop and get a small (not mini) heath bar blizzard from Dairy Queen – like I said I ENJOYED every moment. (And I do understand that some do not enjoy pregnancy and this is in no way to rub it in – it is just my experience…).

The day I delivered – I weighted a whopping 185lbs. At 5’ tall… that is a TON of weight, and my daughter did NOT weigh 63lbs.

I also did not have the easiest delivery… several things did not go “as planned” (my birth plan? My exact words to my doctor were, and I quote, “You GRADUATED from med school, and I dropped out of community college. My birth plan is to go to the hospital when you tell me to, and you do whatever it is you need to do to deliver a happy healthy baby that we have waited over ten years to meet) and I wound up needing a walker for about 2 weeks after getting home from the hospital.

All of that being said I started to focus on my recovery and health slowly, and I mean snails pace slow.

I went back to work full time, was taking care of a newborn – and on top of that, when she was 3 months old, I had the ingenious idea to start the course for personal training. I was busy, stressed, and tired. Overwhelmed I would put it…

Months turned into years. I was mindful of my eating most of the time…

Which brings me to where I am now:

Current Stats:

Weight 128.5lbs

Waist (belly button): 34.25”

MOM Belly: 35.75” (largest section on my stomach)

Hips: 38”

R Thigh: 21”

L high: 21.25”


My focus to tighten my mid-section is going to come from nutrition and from exercise. There is no way one area is going to be able to be spot trained – that is not possible… You must reduce total body fat, and then you can gain muscle. I would be deceiving myself if I thought that ALL of the loose skin will go away, but it will decrease – and that is the overall goal.

My Steps to My #MommyMakeover

Nutrition: Attaining this goal is 80% food (and really if I am being totally honest it is more like 90% food)! That being said – I am not going to deprive myself of things that I love. I will be counting my macros (I use an ap on my phone called “Mikes Macros” to track and log my calories. I have found with my clients that if they deprive and completely cut out al the food that they love that is higher in calories, they will wind up binging on those things later.

My macro goals are as follows (please use a macro calculator such as Mike’s Macros if you are wanting to start your own 3mommymakeover journey as each person is unique and different).

Total Calories: 1,232

Macro Breakdown:

98g Protein

152g Carbohydrates

26g Fat

My total calories may seem low, but I have an office job where I sit most of the day and I need to be in a calorie deficit to lose fat. For someone who is more active the total calories would be higher.

As a general rule, I am usually always over on fat and under on my protein and carbohydrate goals for the day, but overall, still in a calorie deficit.

I personally fast through breakfast. I make myself drink 20 oz of water before I allow myself to have my first cup of coffee ***and usually my only cup of coffee***

I fill my diet (meaning food consumed, and not a specific fad diet) with vegetable carbohydrates that are more filling than the grain/bread type carbohydrates – meaning they are higher in fiber to sustain hunger for longer periods of time. I also do my best to eat lean protein. I am not a fish lover… but I will eat shell fish, so I generally stick to chicken, turkey, lean beef, and bison.

I am also drinking a gallon of water (or as close to it as possible) each day.  A gallon is 128oz. I have a 20oz cup and I keep filling it and have had about 80-100oz by the time I leave work and commute home. Disclaimer *** I also LOVE the taste of Diet Coke… not regular coke, it has to be diet… and CHAMPAGNE…*** I have made a rule that I can have no other drinks (besides my morning coffee) until I have had my gallon of water. These are my rules, not saying anyone has to follow them – but I have found that my cravings for sweets has gone down, and I don’t want the diet coke as much as I used to. I still LOVE champagne – that will not change. I have two bottles in my refrigerator that I feel like I am saving, but for no particular reason.


Exercise: I am committing to exercise for 30 min a day 6 times a week. Now hear me out – exercising could mean a weight lifting workout, resistance band training, a TRX workout, a cardio session (jog/walk, bike, rower), an afternoon stroll with my family, or a dance party with my little in the living room… for me as long as it is 30 min of intentional movement… that is exercise to me.



I want to show you my schedule and what works for me, and before I get any “mom shaming” for what my day looks like – my daughter is well taken care of and gets plenty of attention – so don’t come for me.

My Schedule: (Mon thru F)

4:45-5:00 AM – Alarm goes off, watch the news

5.00-5:30AM – Get ready for the day, wake up my daughter and let her say “Mommy, I want to sleep for 5 more min”

5:30-5:45AM – Make lunches, pack up the car

5:45-6:00AM – Get kiddo dressed and dropped off at preschool

6:00 -7:00AM (this can be a little longer sometimes because of #houstontraffic) Commute to work.

7:00AM-4:00PM WORK (desk job, not much movement… except all the steps I am getting from trips to the bathroom – HELLO gallon of water challenge!)

4:00-5:00PM – Commute Home

5:00-5:30PM – At home workout (weight or resistance training, or cardio)

5:45PM – Pick up kiddo from preschool (Dad helps with this too)

6:00PM Dinner – playing, learning with kiddo.

6:30PM-7:00PM (M-Th) – Training clients one on one

7:15PM – Kiddo in jammies, brush teeth, read book, lights out! (unless it is Friday… Friday is “FRIDAY MOVIE DAY – where we watch a movie as a family and bed time gets pushed a little later)

7:45-9:00PM – Clean up kitchen (this is also when I fit a workout in if the commute took longer than expected)

9:00PM – Lights out!

One weekends it is different… a little more relaxed.

Now this is MY schedule, and there is not a one size fits all. There are some days when my internal clock goes off at 3:30 AM and I can get up and do some light cardio in the morning, there are other days when I feel like my eyes are cemented shut when my alarm goes off. I have learned to take each day as it comes… but also to make the most of it!


This is going to be a slow-go process. The reason it is going to be so slow, it will be sustainable. It is something that will be able to be maintained for the long term and not just a challenge that will be completed in 60-90 days and then go back to eating #allthethings and drinking nothing but diet soda and watching Netflix every free minuet I have to myself. (And that is not to say that there is anything wrong with challenges – I like them too – but this is not aimed to get flat abs in one month by doing a million crunches).

I hope to show moms, like myself, that it is possible to lose the body fat in a sustainable and healthy way that is not linked to supplements and wraps/pills that you “have” to take.

If you want to follow along my journey, see my progress and encourage me as I go – check out my Facebook or Instagram. There is not a time limit on this, as I expressed before – I am not putting the pressure on myself to get results in a certain frame of time.

Also to note – we are possibly looking to expand our family (me possibly conceiving) in 2020 – and if that happens, this will change into a “keep moving and don’t gain 63lbs during pregnancy” type of thing if you get my drift… but only God knows if that will happen – and with this pandemic we have currently, I am not excited about the thought of being pregnant during this – but if it happens, it happens! I have faith that God has a plan in all of this!

If you have the same “mom belly/kangaroo pouch” belly and want some results? Message me and let’s get connected! I am taking coaching clients and would love for you to be one of them!

XOXO Meggs!

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What IS Personal Training ONLINE?


Is it a millennial thing? Is it a trendy thing? Is is a new age thing? Is it a social media thing?

Is it a scam?

Personal Training ONLINE- What is it exactly???

Let me give a little bit of a back story before I explain personal training online and what I do for my clients…

It used to be that in December every year we would make resolutions about how to get healthy starting January 1st. Most of the time that included finding a gym, signing up and getting some personal training. Most of the time with your initial consultation you are given a “free” fitness evaluation by one of the gym’s trainers and then are given a “free” week or month of one on one personal training. Now I input the word “free” because they WILL try and sell you on the training packages they offer – but that is their JOB – they are in sales just as much as they are in the business of personal training.

So you get your evaluation – and most trainers do take this seriously – they really DO want to see you get great results! However, there is a HUGE PRESSURE every month to get more and more people signed up for personal training so that they can earn a commission off of the sales – I mean we all know how sales work don’t we?

You start showing up for your training sessions – the person before you is running a little late and into your training session. Then to try and make sure that the next session is on time they start to rush your session – and that short changes your time – which is already valuable – and seems to not be valued as much by your trainer…  And how often have you been asked what you enjoy about fitness, or being active? How many times has your trainer invited you to express what you like or dislike and TAILORED your workouts to what you enjoy? I can’t be the only person who has felt this way?!?! If so – you can stop reading now. (ALSO – this is NOT TO SAY THAT EVERY TRAINER IS THIS WAY – I AM NOT GROUPING EVERYONE INTO THIS – but it has been my experience with several in gym trainers)

One one One and in person is CRUCIAL for someone just starting out I feel – and it is important to be monitored and coached on how to move your body through your lifting or cardio routine to make sure that you avoid injury! However – let’s say that you have been going to the gym for a while – you know what you are doing – and you don’t really want someone over your shoulder watching your every move and saying “just one more rep” – but you also feel a little lost on what to do first or creating a routine for yourself to complete… That is where I can help –

Online personal training programs with Life Stride Fitness Training is perfect for those individuals who just want to go to the gym, have a plan, and execute. You check-in once a week – have someone to fall back on IF you have a question – but don’t have to workout according to someone else’s block of allotted time for you – and have flexible nutrition guidelines to help meet your goals. Your trainer (me) works with your likes and dislikes to make sure that your fitness goals are kept fun and enjoyable to YOU!

I’ll give you an example – Paul enjoys running, lifting, and wants to try something new – INDOOR ROCK CLIMBING! I would tailor his workout to include those things that he likes!

Monday – Rest Day (It is the first day back at work and working out is not really a focus)

Tuesday – Running (if he has a goal of a 5K, 10K, Half or Full Marathon – we schedule his runs accordingly)

Wednesday – Focused Strength Training – Upper Body (if he wants to take up indoor rock climbing – we will need to make sure that his muscles are ready for the challenge)

Thursday – Rest Day (Recovery is CRUCIAL to letting your muscles grow and heal)

Friday – Focused Strength Training – Lower Body (I would want a could of days away from upper body strength training if he is going to be rock climbing so that he does not fatigue easily)

Saturday – Indoor Rock Climbing

Sunday – Rest and Recovery.

This is just an example – I would design a workout for Paul and have him stick to that plan for 4-6 weeks before changing it up. Each day would have specific exercises to complete and he would document his progress for check in.

Another Example –

Cindy is not a fan of cardio. She likes to lift and get stronger – but is not a fan of running or jumping around – however she loves to bike ride with her family.  I would create her workout to look something like this:

Monday – Leisure bike ride with her family to start the week

Tuesday – Rest Day

Wednesday – Total Body Workout – Resistance Bands

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – Total Body Workout – Weight Training

Saturday – Longer Bike Ride with Family

Sunday – Rest and Recover

Cindy will sill get the benefits of cardio-respiratory training – while doing something she loves and getting to spend some quality time with her family. She will document her progress and check in with me weekly.

If at any time one of my clients finds something un-enjoyable we work together to tweak their plan and get them back to enjoying the process.

Traditional One on One and in person training can cost $65+ per 30 min session. IF you are meeting your personal trainer 3 times a week, you are spending $195+ a week and if you add it up for a month it is over $780!

If you benefiting from it – FANTASTIC!

However – if you are one of those people, like myself, that just got tired of feeling rushed, having to make appointments to workout, having to workout in front of someone, spending the money for something I know I could do on my own, on my own schedule, at my own pace – online personal training may be perfect for you!

And here is the best news – ITS A FRACTION OF THE COST!

Monthly plans start at $150 for a 4 week program and even the 12 week program is half of what you would spend in the gym with a one on one trainer for one month!

If you would like more information – email me (or fill out the contact form) and I would be happy to explain more in detail and help you start reaching your goals. Life Stride Fitness Training was designed to help YOU ENJOY getting healthy and active!



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But Why…

I am not at this stage in parenthood yet, but my day is coming I assure you…

“But why??”

This small question from a toddler has peaked my interest in the reason for people making a certain decision…

A few posts back I spoke about what got me back into my journey of health and fitness several years ago.  You can read it here if you want to take a look – but it got me thinking about the reason behind people’s decisions…

Every decision you make has a why to it. Whether you do something or choose not to do something there is a why.

So what is your why?

Why do you want to lose those last 10 pounds?

Why are you having a hard time getting started?

Why are you unable to put your health as a priority?

Once you have answered those questions – ask yourself this final thing…

Why are you letting something hold you back?

I am not saying once you have the answers, BOOM, magic is going to happen – but what I am saying is that once you have the honest talk with yourself about why it is you make the decisions you make – you may be able to make some changes and see some results.

Let me know your reasons why – and let me know if I can help get you started!

<3 Meggs

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Motivation – Even on a Monday

Staying Motivated

It’s Monday morning.

The alarm goes off and I have two choices:

Hit snooze and enjoy about an hour and a half more sleep before I HAVE to get up and get my daughter ready for summer camp and myself ready for work…


Get up put my feet on the floor – make it out to my garage gym (which mind you it is summer in Texas and even at 3:45 AM it is still unbelievably humid outside) and get a good sweat before having to start my day…

I chose to get up this morning. I chose to get my day started on a healthy note. I chose to take my health into my own hands. I chose to make myself a priority – so that I can take time to focus on my family.

Now sure there are several “reasons” (but lets be honest they are really excuses most of the time*) – My daughter has a fever from teething and is having a rough time, I plan on getting up the rest of the week to work out, and I could always work out this evening…

But I choose to get up – because when I don’t my day is off. My day is not as focused. I do not feel as driven to get my goals done – and the most important factor – if I have to work out in the evenings – I take away valuable time from my family and friends because I chose to sleep in. It is all about how I want to spend my time.

I keep in mind what I want to do and what I want to get done.

The motivation is not always there… that is where dedication comes up to the plate… it tells me that there are goals that I have that I want to meet. Even if I am dreading what is out in the garage waiting for me – I get up and get it done – and I never regret getting up! I feel accomplished when I am finished and I can say “I did that – the hard thing… I did it”.

Here are the easy was that I prepare and get ready to get my mornings started (even when the alarm goes off at 3:45 AM)

  1. Have my pre-workout and my BCAA’s already mixed and in my outside fridge.
  2. Many times I will sleep in my workout clothes – I am going to shower after I workout anyways so for me it works… besides I save money by not buying pajamas…
  3. I have my clothes laid out for work (that is right I have a 8-5 job as well as being my own boss)

These are just some of the things I do to make sure that I am able to hit the ground in the morning ready to make it a great day!

What are some things that you do to keep yourself motivated and going even when the motivation is not there? Let me know – I would love to hear from you!

*NOT ALL OF THE TIME ARE YOUR REASONS EXCUSES – so before I get any “hate mail” regarding my stance on excuses/reasons… breathe and put away the keyboard internet army…*

<3 Meggs

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Breathing is Important

How to Breathe while exercising_

Yes I know – we are all breathing – and if we weren’t we would be… well… DEAD.

But have you ever paid attention to your breathing when you exercise? Runners have to teach themselves to breathe correctly during their runs so that they are not exerted and out of breath by mile one (which speaking from experience is not always easy to train yourself to do)

What about resistance or weight training? Did you know that focusing on your breathing as well as your technique is important too? DO you typically try and hold your breath while lifting the heaviest weight that you possibly can and then grunt as you push the weigh away from your body?

Listen – I am not going to harp on you if you are one of those lifters who grunts and groans and yells in the gym – but I do think you are excessive… and a little over the top with the “look at how strong I am” type of communication you are going for… We get it – you want us to watch you lift heavy stuff… but I am going to come over here and just focus on myself… mmmmkkkaaayyy… (stepping off soapbox)

The importance of breathing in your resistance training is crucial. Just like you want to make sure that you are doing the exercise correctly – you also want to make sure that you are breathing correctly too.  If you find yourself holding your breath, consciously make an effort to count your reps out loud. This will help you start to focus on correct breathing – also if you are lifting things that may be a little too heavy (at the moment) take it down a pound or two until you can breathe correctly and still get a great training session in.

How to breath during resistance training:

Breathe in during the relaxation or reset of the exercise.

Breathe out during the resistance/tension or lift of the exercise.

Focusing on your breathing can help you obtain the maximum benefits from your work out as well as help you burn calories.

Subscribe to the blog if you are interested in seeing more of the tips and tricks and advice Life Stride Fitness has to offer.  And if you are interested in any of my online training programs reach out to me and let me know how I can help you reach your goals!

<3 Meggs

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Dad’s Advice

If It's Not Fun... It's Not Worth Doing....png

If there was one thing in life that I heard from my dad that stuck with me… it’s this:

“If it’s not fun… it’s not worth doing…”

Now sure there were times when I took that a tiny bit too far:

“School is not fun – must not be worth doing”

“Chores are not fun – must not be worth doing”

“Being an adult isn’t fun – must not be worth doing” O.K. I still say this one sometimes… who wouldn’t…

And there were times I would remind my parents of my dad’s sound advice and they would quickly tell me to get over it and that I took it out of context – to which I would argue some more and never get away with it – but the humored me anyway…

The truth is – there are parts of life that are not fun. But most of life can be if we start to change our mindset. I personally do not LIKE sweating at 4 AM! (Let’s be honest I don’t particularly like to sweat any time of day – but I digress) However I realize that there is a time to work and a time to play… Sure my days start when the alarm goes off at 3:45 AM and depending on if I hit snooze once or twice – I normally get up and to the garage (where my gym is set up) and turn on the news and chug my pre-workout while I stretch and get ready for my lift session…

I love lifting – some love cardio (I am not one of those people)… but I love lifting. I enjoy feeling the burn in my muscles at they start to repair and grow a day after a good lift. I enjoy seeing my body change and become stronger. But I found something that I enjoy doing, it is fun – and it is WORTH doing.

Are there things that you would like to change about yourself? I am a huge advocate for self-love, but there are sometimes that we look at ourselves and WE want the change… not for someone else, but because we want it!

If there is something you would like to change and you are just not sure where to start, feel free to contact me. Let me see how I can help you get started making small changes that can lead to amazing results…

I promise I will not sell you any of the following:

  • Quick Fix Diet Trends
  • Diet Pills
  • Vitamin Packs
  • Essential Oils
  • Juice Cleanses or Fruit Smoothies…

There is no magic behind what I do – it is effort and work… and time!!! But I am here to help you get started! So ask away!

<3 Meggs

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Spring has Sprung

It is true – SPRING IS HERE! And that means that Summer is right around the corner…

This is the time when many of us start to stress about all of the activities that will have us in less clothing and more exposed.

You see we have been in hibernation, we have been cozy, we just finished our last box of Girl Scout Cookies, and we are starting to thaw from being frozen in place. We have been slowly adding yummy things in our diets and keeping them there since Thanksgiving of last year in order to prepare ourselves for the cold weather and we did a fine job of it – Thank you for noticing!

But now we have come to the ugly truth that Summer is right around the corner and we are yet again not prepared…

There is HOPE! You can START NOW… you don’t need a Monday or a Brand New Week or even start of a fresh day to get started.  You can start right now.

  • Maybe you have been drinking an extra diet soda or two in every day that ends in “y”? Just start to take it back a bit…
  • Maybe you have been not thinking so much about the extra calories those sleeves of thin mints right before bed are adding to your amount consumed? Try only having 2 cookies and not the whole sleeve.
  • Maybe you have snacking on the excess Halloween Candy (that is probably expired by now) when your stressed or the kids are not looking? You should probably just toss it out…
  • Maybe you have been having more pizza or processed foods because it is quick and easy instead of making a plan? Take 10-20 min and plan out a menu for the week… what time do you have available to cook the menu you created? Organize your meals by your schedule. Use your crock-pot or instant pot… utilize the tools that you have – and start making healthier choices.

Truth is – we all get there. We all get this way. It happens… but you wanna know a secret? WE ALL CAN START OVER AT ANY MOMENT IN TIME…

That is right… so here is what I want you to do…

Make a list RIGHT NOW of 5 things you are going to do TODAY to make some healthier choices! Do it… Do it… And place it somewhere you can see…

Here are mine:

  1. Add an extra 16 oz of water into my daily intake.
  2. Only snack on whole foods between meals.
  3. Get in 30 min of exercise each day – even if it just a leisure walk with my family.
  4. Eat at least one green vegetable at each meal.
  5. Limit myself to one cup of coffee a day.

What will be on your list?

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2018 Motto


The Life Stride Fitness Training and MY OWN PERSONAL Motto for 2018: Consistency OVER Perfection…

As any fellow perfectionist knows it is often really hard to be positive about your outcomes when you are not getting things done 100% all of the time. Meaning perfect… all the time. Which is not realistic – but sometimes that is hard to get through to a perfectionist – and I am only speaking on this because I am a perfectionist.

I have personally been following a fitness professional by the name of Mike Vacanti who has been on the fitness grid for many many years and is a huge inspiration to many! He did a year end post on YouTube that he just published this week (you can check out here) and he touched on some of the reasons why focusing on why consistency is more important than perfection… but I wanted to put my own personal spin on why it is my motto for 2018.

Perfectionism has been a killer for me in several things. Perfectionism kills my mental space with thinking that anything I have to say is important and relevant. Perfectionism kills my emotional state thinking that I am not good enough or have enough or amount to enough to have an impact. Perfectionism kills my productivity because I am honed in on completing a task 100% before I am able to move on to the next thing. Perfectionism kills my physicality because if I can’t get a perfect workout in I feel I shouldn’t “waste” the time.

It’s time I start giving myself a little bit of credit.

By staying CONSISTENT and being there for those who are looking to improve their health and wellness, I am making an impact. By staying CONSISTENT in my focus on learning and creating I am proving to myself that I have knowledge and am relevant. By staying CONSISTENT in continuing to work on myself and my goals little by little I am increasing my productivity and value to myself and my employer. By staying CONSISTENT on my goals of movement and not focusing on only working out if I feel the workout is going to be the best workout each time, I increase my physicality and flexibility because showing up and doing something is better than being stagnant and doing nothing.

So this year I am focusing less on the perfection an more on the CONSISTENT…

Who is with me?

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New Year and New Goals


Every Year at this time we start fresh and make new goals for the new year. If you have been following me on any of the social media platforms I am on – you know that this year I am doing something a little different and making “reverse resolutions”.

What are ‘reverse resolutions”? Well I am glad you asked. They are things that I am planning to not do during the entire year of 2018.

1.) I’m NOT counting a single calorie. For some counting calories and logging food and exercise is very beneficial – and if you are a client – you most likely have this incorporated into your plan. But for me, I am taking away the logging of calories for 2018.

  • I AM going to focus on BALANCED nutrition – and plan meals accordingly. I was gifted an Instant Pot for Christmas from my lovely parents and cannot wait to use it!
  • I AM going to make more meals at home and not allow the busy schedules and life take away from the fact that I want to prepare meals for my family and cook nutritious meals – I love to experiment and cook in the kitchen.

2.) I’m NOT weighing myself weekly. I have had a negative relationship with m scale – and while I LOVE my scale… I really do – I don’t like the hold that I have allowed it to have on me and my feelings about who I see in the mirror. (Yes even the strongest fitness professional and model have their own image issues they deal with.)

  • I AM going to weigh on the 1st of each month – just to have a basis of where I am heading and if I need to tweak anything… and to not obsess over the number.
  • I AM going to measure myself on the 1st of each month to know where I am and to encourage myself to keep going.

3.) I’m NOT purchasing a paper planner – I wind up filling it all out on Jan 1st but hardly look at it again throughout the rest of the year.

  • I AM planning on using the tools I have and use daily (my phone, and tablet) to help me manage my time and appointments and stay on top of things better this year than I did last year.

4.) I’m NOT going to post half naked pictures of myself on any social media platforms or make any type of post that may have a negative effect on someone else’s view of themselves.

  • I AM dedicating my platforms to uplifting and encouraging those around me to continue to move and be active. To seek help when needed and to become the best version of themselves by making small changes daily to make big changes over time…

Those are my “reverse resolutions” for 2018! I would love to know what some of your resolutions are for 2018 and if there is anything I may be able to help you with!


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Power Of Modification

the power of modification

Have you ever joined a workout group or a class at a gym and quickly felt like you were over your head? Have you become discouraged at not being able to do something that is written or shown to you by a trainer the exact way that they are performing it? Have you let yourself doubt your abilities because you were not as advanced as some of the others around you?

You are not alone. Do you know many people suffer from injuries that could have been prevented if they just listened to their bodies?

Here is what I mean…

For almost every exercise in a workout there is a progression and a regression. Meaning there is an advanced step and a remedial step. Some think that there is a negative association with having to do a modified move – but in all actuality it is helping you become stronger and more aware of your own body.

I will use myself as an example. I had a baby in October of 2016 that involved an emergency c section. My core muscles were cut through and it is taking time to build them back up. Same with my core stability. Many think of just your abs when you hear the word core – but in reality it is your whole balance and stability system. There are several different modifications of exercises that will give you the similar muscle engagement while not compromising your stability.

Take a high knee exercise. If you can’t run in place and do high knees because of your balance and stability – try marching in place and getting your knees as high as you can. The only person you should be in competition with is yourself to become stronger with each workout.

Another example is a plank. Let’s say you can’t seem to hold a plank for 30 seconds… can you hold it for 15 seconds on your toes and 15 seconds on your knees while paying attention to your breathing and activation of your core muscles? There is NO SHAME in knowing your limits and taking time to build up to accomplishing a certain move.


Remember that you are not working out to impress anyone but yourself, and if you are – re-evaluate your thought process now before you hurt yourself doing something more than you can handle at the moment.

Trust the process. You can get there with the right progressions over time… key word… OVER TIME!