No Two Strides of Life are the Same…

So why should your health and fitness be like someone else?

Your current life stride may be recovering from having a baby, and your neighbors may be a retired empty nest situation. You may work as a teacher and are on your feet all day, while your best friend may work sitting at a desk in an office.

Do you remember being in grade school and locking arms with your friends and trying to walk using the same stride? Or watching the kick line during your HS football half time show and seeing the dancers walk on field trying to stay in line? The tall dancers had to adjust to the smaller dancers and the smaller dancers were trying to change their stride to keep up!

What if I told you that cookie cutter health and fitness programs don’t yield the results that the “influencers” claim?

Your health and fitness goals are as unique as the length of your stride. Your life stride.

Now health and fitness is not a sprint, and to be honest it is not a marathon either… because your health and fitness does not have a finish line. Until the day that your breathe ceases – there is opportunity for you to improve your health and fitness.

You are unique, and so are the steps you should take to get you to where YOU want to be! It is not a “one size fits all” situation. That is where Life Stride Fitness comes to help you. I, Trainer Meggs, will help you plan your goals out and help you meet them in a healthy and sustainable way!

I am currently taking online coaching clients!