About Your Personal Trainer

My name is Megan Anderson – aka Your Personal Trainer “Meggs”

Who Am I?

  • Champion of procrastination! I have set a PR for number of days the clothes stayed in the dryer!
  • Lover of all things French Cajun. If it is gumbo, or spelled with an eaux at the end – count me in!
  • Mom to a very active and smart toddler who teaches me new things daily!
  • Wife of (almost) 15 years to the most supportive husband who always wants me to achieve my drams.

My mission is to help people realize that their lives can be healthy and happy through health and fitness.

What You Need:

  1. A healthy approach to health and fitness that meets you where you are.
  2. Supported guidance on exercise and nutrition to help you navigate the confusion.
  3. Honest coach who celebrates your wins and helps you get through the obstacles.

What I Do as Your Personal Trainer:

  • Create personalized health and fitness (including nutrition) guidelines based on information discussed in the interview process.
  • Check-ins provided weekly to keep your program on the forefront of your mind and out of the back seat.
  • Cheers you on, even if you feel like you are not doing your best. There is always a way to help you overcome!
  • Added Bonus: Teach you how to get sustainable results, so that you won’t need me in the future!

What Your Personal Trainer is NOT:

  1. A dictator. You will not be ruled with an iron fist.
  2. Expecting perfection. Health and fitness is not black and white.
  3. Restrictive. While you will need to change some habits, the methods have to be sustainable.
  4. An RD. No prescribed specific meal plans here. Guidelines, and templates to help YOU decide what is best for you!

Life Is Meant to Be LIVED!

You are ready! Let me help you get started where you currently are.

I am accepting online coaching clients!

***DISCLAIMER*** Megan Anderson is not dietitian nor is she a doctor. The contents of your plan should not be considered medical advice to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent health problems. Your plan and nutrition guidelines are just that guidelines and any directions from your physician should be taken above any program Megan creates. Always consult a health professional before beginning any new exercise program or for any matters regarding your health- as per your liability waiver.