The final point we will make on our topic of this week is going to be eating smaller and more frequent meals.

We live in a culture where we have to be busy. We are on the go from before the sun comes up until way after the sun goes down… which when it comes to our eating habits can become a catastrophe.

Here is what I mean:

We wake up – hit snooze for too long and then we are in a rush to get ourselves up and out of the house (not including the added stress of getting your spouse and kids out of the house on time too). You hit up a drive thru and order something substantially heavy to tide you over to lunch. Racking up calories and added sugars and fats. Then lunch comes and you are about to be rushed into an afternoon of back to back meetings so you rush down the street to pick up a sub at the sandwich shop with chips and a drink because you think that is healthier than a fast food chain. Our choice may be meatball marinara, or turkey and black forest ham – which ever salt bomb we have chosen may lead to an afternoon of bloat and misery. Finally we are able to shut down the office and come home for the evening, only to realize the kids have a mountain of homework and that is after they have soccer practice or piano lessons. So you thin it is best to go to the local burger joint and pick up a couple of sacks of grease grenades before heading to your next destination. See where I am going with this?

We are unprepared for things that come up so we are rushing to make ourselves full before running to the next thing. If we make smaller choices and options when we are prepping for our week, we can combat fat head on and make wiser choices ahead of time.

Smaller and more frequent meals can help us lose fat and keep it off. Now I know this is not going to happen for some of us because as much as we would like to practice this way of eating – with our lives that is not possible. But it is possible to take one day out of the week to prepare and have those better options ready to go to avoid drive-thru dependency.

Make snack bags available to you. Keep them in your purse, back pack and gym bag to help you snack healthy instead of grabbing the nearest vending machine find. Eat your meals on smaller plates, such as appetizer plates. Our family hardly uses dinner plates at all… it is almost like a mind trick. Once the small plate has been finished the mind thinks you ate a big meal and are no longer hungry. This takes some getting used to – but it has helped us a lot!

Eat to be satisfied and not full. Meaning – if you eat until you are satisfied, then you can snack again in a couple of hours and keep your metabolism on point. Eating something small every two hours helps aid in digestion and fat loss, and helps us to keep the fat off for the long term!

What are you doing today to keep yourself prepared for tomorrow?

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